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Dajah Johnson - April

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Holistic Beauty Maven | Nurse | A Woman with Power, a Plan, and Purpose.   Who is Dajah?     Dajah Johnson is an ambitious young lady, from a small southern town with big city dreams who strategically allowed the universe, god, and hard work to ordain her footsteps. She has now blossomed into a strong and beautiful Leader. Dajah lives in the sunshine state Florida In the beautiful city of Tampa. She works as a nurse manager at a geri-psych rehabilitation center, and runs her artistry and cosmetic business, Everything Fabulous. 

We see you graduated from North Carolina Central University. Tell us about why and how you decided to attend NCCU. 

Where I’m from not many people leave, nor do the African Americans thrive in comparison to our counter parts. So I knew wherever I was going would be a HBCU. NCCU was perfect for me, I knew I didn’t want to go to NC A&T (too many people I knew went there) and NCCU was only two hours away from home. This allowed me to step into a new world, and visit home whenever necessary. Plus NCCU is the best HBCU around :) You are the CEO and Founder of Everything Fabulous. What is the purpose of your business? How and why did you decide to start it?  

 The purpose of Everything Fabulous is to empower the masses to strive to be fabulous in ever part of your life, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially; unapologetically.  I first started doing makeup on the campus of NCCU and after becoming pretty high demand, if I must say so myself, I wanted a way to create a residual income and connect my name and artistry to something with a purposes. In my dorm room the ideas form, the research begin, and before I knew it I had three tangible liquid matte, super stay Bomb a*s lippies! 

Besides running a business, is there anything else you’re passionate about?  

Yes , I’m super passionate about living and enjoying life. I believe in being who you want to be 110%. If you want to be a teacher and own a bar, then do that. If you want to broadcast news, and be a singer. Do that. I’m a true believer that all the things that make you go, are a part of you, and why should we have to settle for just one career choice? You can be a instagram baddie, a nurse, a girlfriend, run a business, go to the gym, meditate, and still turn up on the weekend. Hence the name everything fabulous. Everything to me matters.  What is one piece of advice you would give young girls who want to start a cosmetics line or become a MUA? 

Read, never stop learning, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. The industry changes, the way of doing business change, life bends, and we have to bend too. You won’t have it all figured out, but understand when you do the work you get the results, everything happens like it’s supposed to. Never quit.  Why is giving back to your community important to you? In what ways do you give back? 

Everyone deserves a start, and that’s why giving back to our community is an essential part of my acclaimed success. Every year I work on and off the radar to support the young girls in my local community by partnering with local hair stylist and designers for prom giveaways. I also take simpler measures by always support local business, whether its purchasing my fruits and vegetables from the farmers marketing on the side of the road, or purchasing my very essential eyelash extensions from a small black owned business via instagram. Giving back to me is putting our hard earned dollar back into our community. 

How do you balance your lifestyle? What does your self-care regime look like?

Balance? What’s that? LOL. On a serious note I learned that balance is learning to move through life with grace, and being open minded enough to bend when necessary but stand strong on the things you believe in. For me self care is listening to your body, and nourshering it with what’s needed. Some times its exercise, sometimes its rest, some times its a gallon of ice cream. Your body speaks, and when it speaks you listen. I spend a lot of mental time being still. After my extensive 6 step skin care routine, I read, I journal, I watch Netflix, and I give my self the care it needs, unapologetically.  In your own words, describe what a Purposed Pearl is.

 A purposed pearl is more than a woman with an extensive resume. She’s a woman with an agenda not neccessarily for ones self, but for her community, for the ones who may not have yet found their voice. She’s a light in the darkness, and she uses that light to bring brightness to those who don’t always no where to find their match. Together the purposed pearls will light up the world.  Please list all of your social media platforms or how you want people to find you. 

Instagram: @dazyyyyyy website:


P.O. Box 9764 Fayetteville, NC 28311

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