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Daryl Joy Walters - February

- Who is Daryl Joy Walters?

Daryl Joy Walters is a woman who believes in staying dedicated to her aspirations, goals, dreams while helping others achieve theirs successfully as well. 

- We see you recently ran for Louisiana State Representative. How was your experience?

My experience of running for Louisiana State Representative was life changing for me as well as those around me. It was an incredible journey with all of the highs and lows.I am glad I stayed the course, I was able to learn more about myself. Also, I was able to give back to the community as well. What more can I say other than if this is an experience that you have been contemplating, wrestle no more, get in the ring and fight.

- Do you believe it’s challenging being a young black woman in politics?

Of course being a young black woman in politics is challenging. Being a young black woman period has its own set of challenges. It is all in how we decide on embracing those challenges. Will we use this specific challenge to better, broaden, our perspective and others perspectives or will we fold in the process. The decision on how we handle the process is entirely up to one’s self. A lot of the push back I received while running was because I am young and black. I challenged people I am young, black, I pay my taxes as a home owner and I pay my tithes for the betterment of God’s kingdom, more than not silence followed my rebutal and a committed vote.

- What advice would you give to black women who want to run for office, but they need the extra push.

The first piece of advice that I would give any black woman seeking public office is: know your why, know your strengths, know your shortcomings (even if it is public perception) which has nothing to do with you. Secondly, start campaigning early, it is never too to start increasing your name recognition, meeting with voters, business leaders, ministers, sororities any thing that you can do to gain momentum for yourself and help, do it!! 

- We are gearing up for the 2020 election. Why is it important that millennials get involved? How will this election impact us?

Every election impacts us as millennials! However, the 2020 election cycle will impact the political landscape for our futures progression or our futures recession. We have a chance to go to the polls in mass number to show up for people (candidates) that we believe will serve our  future well. Our future is so entagled into every election, we should not miss any election cycle whether it is local, state or national. 

- Why is giving back to your community important to you? In what ways do you give back?

I love my community, it has shaped me into the woman that I am today. I am always giving back to my community, staying involved and engaged in my community. I give back via coat drives, sock drives, motivational speaking, mentorships you name it and I am there! 

- How do you balance your lifestyle? What does your self-care regime look like?

I have a wellness plan that I created in Dec. of 2019! So week to week goals are fine. But where I am now in life requires a strategic plan. This plan includes spiritual wellness, physical wellness, health and mental wellness. I prioritze self centered yoga concepts just as I prioritize prayer and bible study in life. I’ve started doing my own hair again which allows me to have control over my time from week to week now other self care desires like my nails or a massage they’re apart of my plan.

- In your own words, describe what is a Purposed Pearl.

A purposed pearl is a woman who is passionate about her life’s calling. Whether her life’s calling is always clear to her or not she knows without a shadow of doubt that she lives life each day on purpose with purpose. She never settles and is always prepared. 

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