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Quishauna McDougle - August

Ambitious, Motivated, Loyal

Who is Quishauna?

Quishauna is a daughter, sister, auntie, mentor, a leader. Quishauna is a self made individual, she’s a young boss. She’s hungry, the things she wants to do are sometimes

bigger than what she can process, however her ambition and vision is what keeps her going. The 21 year old is still learning and figuring things out, but she knows it’s a process therefore she take each day one day at a time. Quishauna is still ‘’Becoming’’..... Her favorite quote is by Nipsey Hussle ‘’It’s what’s in you, that they can’t take a way.’’

We see you attend North Carolina Central University. Tell us about why and how you

decided to attend NCCU.

I attended North Carolina Central because of my former advisor of my high school organization ‘’Ladies Academy’’, my former advisor and now mentor exemplified so

much school pride and culture about NCCU being a historically black university it made me

interested. I took a tour of the school and immediately I knew it was home.

You do it all from hosting a show on your university’s radio network, to hosting events, and being a social media influencer. How did this become your passion?

Growing up I knew I had a stage presence, I just didn’t know what my talent was but I knew how to move a crowd with my choice of words. Becoming an emcee & hosting was something that just happened, my University gave me a platform and I took it to the next level.

In 2017, you were able to host and moderate the first Roc the Mic event featuring Mona Scott Young. Tell us about this experience. What was going through your mind? What did you learn from this event? Did Mrs. Scott Young give you any advice?

When I was presented the opportunity to host and moderate Nccu’s rock the mic event featuring Mona Scott Young, I knew it was my time! I was excited, scared, happy, and nervous. The first thought that came to mind was ‘’what was I going to wear’’( LOL I knew I had to be on my A-game ) it was an

interesting experience, I did my homework and I studied her, when the time came I was ready, and we just talked and had a regular conversation in front of a crowd of people. The one thing Mona told me that I will always remember is her saying ‘’Quishauna you are a boss and I will see you on the big screen some day‘’

Why is giving back to your community important to you? In what ways do you give back?

Giving back to my community is important to me because I believe It takes a Village to raise a child. It’s also my passion and apart of my purpose to give back to my community. My

community helped shaped me into the young lady I am today. I give back to my community (

Fayetteville NC ) by helping assist with programming and hosting empowerment sessions for

young girls every month with Purposed Pearls Non Profit organization.

How do you balance your lifestyle?I balance my lifestyle simply by having alone time with myself, spending time with family & friends and going to church What does your self-care regime look like?

My self care regime is, drinking water, saging,I take an hour to myself everyday, look at my vision board and listen to the radio, podcasts and play music.

In your own words, describe what a Purposed Pearl is.

To me a purposed pearl is someone who have vision, who acknowledge what needs to be done and take action. A purposed pearl is someone who builds their self up everyday and tackles whatever hardship that they may face. A purposed pearl is someone that is still evolving each and everyday and becoming the best versions of themselves. A true purposed pearl is fearless and they create their own opportunities instead of waiting for one. I am a purposed pearl.

How can we find you on social media?

IG: TheReal_Qmac

Facebook: Quishauna McDougle


P.O. Box 9764 Fayetteville, NC 28311

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